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May 3, 2017

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Spring Deals!

May 3, 2017

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My go to place for Chinese noodles

May 3, 2017

When the hunger hits, THIS is where I go. It’s fast and super accessible. You can eat and do your groceries at G&D right downstairs -- this restaurant wins.





It’s hands down one of my favourite Chinese beef noodle restaurants in Montreal. There are always

people crowded outside the windows to watch the master-chefs at work. You cannot miss this gem.



I usually order the small but this time I challenged myself to try the medium sized bowl which was a big oopie because the serving sizes were more gigantic than I remembered! And there are even options to add extra beef or noodles, as well as other side dishes and combos. I honestly don’t know how people finish the large. All I can say is that it’s definitely a bang for your buck. I always order the special, and it comes with around five pieces of tender sliced beef, two slices of white radish, and noodles of your choice all drenched in a savoury broth. It’s what I would suggest all first-timers to try!





When I went for lunch it was really busy, and I can see why considering the popularity. The owner of the restaurant recommends 'the best time to beat the line-up' is between 2pm to 6pm. Though even if you do visit when there’s a line, its almost never too long a wait because people come and go very quickly. There is also an take out option!

For all the FoodFest MTL foodies! HERE'S YOUR SPECIAL DEAL!

STARTING TODAY, May 3rd for 4 weeks, until May 28th, you get a 15% OFF OVERALL by presenting the following coupon BEFORE you order!





Much Love,



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