$1 Oysters All Day Everyday

You know sometimes when you just want to have a nice conversation with your buddies on a low-key night, but the music at the bar is too loud or the table on your left is nonstop screaming? Yea, I know.

There are other izakayas but I gravitate towards Sumi Dojo because I want to be able to have a chill night with the option of turning up if I change my mind later on in the night, since the place is conveniently situated on St. Laurent. It’s also very spacious -- with the glass windows open on a summer night, a friendly hangout can easily turn into a date under their twinkling lights.

And when the drunchies hit, you know they’ll have you covered. The beef tataki is one of my personal staples, as well as the green tea ice cream desert decorated with mochi and jelly. Ugh, to die for. The serving sizes vary depending on what you order so the restaurant is highly suitable for dinner occasions as well.

As part of the spring edition, the generous owners of Sumi Dojo are offering:

$1 fresh oysters every night for a month long period.

Friends, if you aren’t already at Sumi I don’t know what you are doing with your life. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this now, as good things can only last for so long. See you all there!

(the litchi martinis are also really good fyi)



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